CCXXIII: Keris, He Shrunk Your Mom

Posted by on December 24, 2016

The full concept for Katsuko’s bears was originally developed to be its own full story, but it got shelved early in UTC’s lifespan and I’ve had to resort to dealing aspects of the bears out piecemeal whenever there is an opportunity.

I don’t usually like seeing “…” balloons in comics to indicate silence–it seems like it’s overstating the point. Noah wasn’t going to have any speech bubble to indicate that he was gaping silently, but upon reviewing the page, I was worried it would give the impression that I had forgotten to put in a speech bubble. I wonder if that’s why most comics do this sort of thing?

  • Bob Stein

    Welcome back! I have been checking back often in hopes of seeing updates start again for UTC. Glad to see you posting – and we all understand that this is a labotr of love which often has to take a back seat to real life.

  • Aldin1

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the story continuing at whatever pace you can handle.

  • ssm

    So Memba when you said you had updates worked out?

    • Yeah I ‘member!

      There will be an update on Sunday.

      • ssm

        I should prod haly to do another guest comic for you…written by me!