CCXX: He’s Been a Beary Bad Boy

Posted by on July 30, 2016
Production Code: UTC220

The inspiration for Katsuko’s bears comes from an unlikely place — Action Comics #657. It’s the earliest Superman comic I owned, and in it, Toyman kidnaps kids using sleeping bags that transform into giant plush bears that carry the children inside while they’re still asleep. It was creepy then, and it’s creepy now. I love it.

Disclaimer: Katsuko did not invent these bears to kidnap children.

  • Lewis

    Well then, that was suitably horrifying.

  • James-Polymer

    That joke was bad, but his fate was much worse. O.O

    Methinks Ken has bitten off more than he could chew.

  • lubabaj

    Being eaten alive by teddy? This is the weirdest, the most bizzare, creepiest way to die. Wait, is he going to die?

    • Lewis

      Doesn’t look like it. It looks like she animated actual felt and stuffing teddy bears so it may just be a ‘capture and contain’ thing.

    • Nah, he’s just stuck in there for a while. The fabric is quite breathable. I actually got this idea from an old issue of Action Comics I read when I was a kid.

      • lubabaj

        OK, thanks for info.

  • Alex Warlorn

    Then he’ll be spat out, and be a happy little teddy himself.

  • Flaming Squirrel

    I know I’m almost a month late here, but I’m a little confused as to how his whole head has been swallowed in panel 7, and yet we can still see his shirt. Is he being absorbed by the bear, as opposed to just being swallowed through the mouth?

    • Close.The bear’s chest cavity opens up and envelopes him. I should have drawn a bit of a split at the bottom of the bear’s mouth to make it all one big opening.

  • Balanar

    So i just discovered this series today. Sat down and read the ENTIRE thing in one go, it’s that good, haha.
    Can’t wait to see more :)

    I do have one small request though, could Cass have really REALLY long hair just for one or two panels please? Like she did in the first page of chapter 4 before she cut it. It could be styled and all but I would absolutely love to see super long hairstyles make an appearance now and again :D

    • Thank you!

      I’m always looking for an opportunity to grow Cass’
      hair out, like at Halloween, but I also have to stay within the
      plausibility of the storyline. But I’m a long hair fan myself, so you
      know if I do find another good reason to draw it longer, she’s going to
      get it.

      • Balanar

        Oh sweet! I look forward to it, haha. Do put her in situations where she’s forced to grow it out more please :)

        I follow you on DA too by the way, loved your Halloween Rapunzel series :D

  • How the hell did she make that teddy bear? It’s clearly sentient and has been trained to follow commands.

    • Wait, why am I only now asking questions about the logic of this comic? Never mind. :3