CCXIX: Schooled

Posted by on June 18, 2016
Production Code: UTC219

Walker, the unicorn guy, is a personal friend and a Patreon sponsor who pledged to the “appear in the comic” tier. We worked out an appropriate role for him in the story and I think the character fits in well. It helps to have one more “anchor” character besides Keris for this scene.

Speaking of friendly influences, Keris’ role in this chapter is an extension of her character arc in “New Tricks,” which another friend wrote. It goes to show that even solo projects can benefit from some good contacts with fresh perspectives.

  • WOO! I just got caught up on the comic. I think the last time i read it was back in 2010; I was still in high school then! It’s awesome to see that UTC is still updating. The art has really improved, too.

  • hwalsh

    Oh wow she’s gotten so tiny. Back in chapter 10 of class warfare you said she was 11-13 but she was not too much shorter than the others. She better get a cure quick or she’s going to vanish. She be older than 5-6 right now. :(