CCXVI: A Class Divided

Posted by on June 1, 2015
Production Code: UTC216

For the first time in the series, all 9 members of the current main and supporting casts appear on the same page. (Despite being in different locations.) I purposely held off on gathering everyone together in one place until a dramatically appropriate time. (The only time they’ve been all in the same room thus far in the series was during the Chapter 1 fundraiser.) Phase Two built up the characters with different combinations forming small groups to deal with whatever was going on. Now that the entire school is involved, you can guess where this is headed.

  • Samas0789

    Would it be alright if the guest comic got submitted a little late, like by June 2?

    • Absolutely. The June 1st deadline isn’t a hard rule, especially since there haven’t been any submitted yet.

      Any guest comics I get this month will be posted on the site!

  • Silly Zealot

    That wolfman/catman creature…. Is it…. Argo?

    • No, it’s a random transformed student. Argo disappeared after Chapter 5. (Sorry for taking so long to answer this question!)

      • Silly Zealot

        Awww! :(

        Well, at least it’s comforting that in the months following his dissapearance, no horribly maimed bodies were found.

  • Spiderdian2

    Man. I’m so excited for phase 3. Keep good work coming jim ;)