This page is named after Resident Evil.

I had to throw in another dig at Cass’ goatee. I desperately tried to justify that Mrs. Sonar would be confused about her gender despite Cass’ body type by having Cass wear her cape pulled around her body. The main thing is, several people in the past have pointed out that there are times when I draw Cass above the neck only, and it’s not clear what her gender is supposed to be. So it’s also kind of a dig at my own failure to find a good feminine look for her face. You can see clearly here that I still had trouble drawing a proper design for her muzzle.

In the first draft, Cass told Morty what Flint told her: Thirteen was bitten and changing into a jackal. I then had to struggle to find a way to prevent Morty from derailing the entire plot by going full-on “desperate angry parent,” throwing a tantrum, running out to find Thirteen and take her home to his lab, and robbing Cass and Noah of the DNA sample they needed to save this mess.
Eventually, I realized that no scenario in which Cass tells the truth would resolve easily. The story would have become completely about Morty’s selfishness and protective attitude, and the were-jackal problem would not be addressed efficiently enough to be told in a single chapter.
I concluded that Cass would realize this, too. So she lies. It ended up being a great plot device, showing that Morty and Cass are growing to understand each other, adding a bit more tension to the story, and keeping Morty around long enough to become actually helpful.