Starting with this page, the format for UTC changed to be in line with standard comic books. When UTC started, there was no intention of collecting the strips into a trade paperback collection. From this point on, the comic was designed as a printed book first and then reformatted for publication on the web. (The printed version is higher resolution and does not have the stub at the bottom of each page. While we’re at it, here’s a plug for my IndyPlanet store where you can order copies of every UTC book!)

The word balloon font changed to JimihandNEXT, a modification of a custom font I had created in 2008 for Simon Scout in the Fifth Dimension.

I cheated the house on this page–only showing a small portion of it in panel 1 (in the foreground on the right)–because I hadn’t finished designing the exterior. The house, once fully established, would be a fixture of the entire rest of the series, so I needed to wait until I had a design I was completely satisfied with.