XLIV: A Goat at the Gates

Posted by on February 8, 2008
Production Code: UTC047

Morty’s neck in panel 2 was accidentally skewed because I drew the head too far forward. It was one of those happy accidents that actually made his pose look better (by way of making him look totally crazy).

Panel 3 was an experiment with warped perspective. I liked it so much I’d use it on many future occasions.

Although Josh colored the pages, I still added a few touches, such as the special effects on the lab monitors. The horizontal screen toning was pioneered four years prior in Evil Jim with the computer Frank. It looks a lot better in color here.

The screen on the far right uses LCARS graphics from the 24th-century Star Trek spinoffs. I like to sneak those into computer screens sometimes. (Again, this sort of thing happened in Evil Jim previously.)