CCXIX: Schooled

Posted by on June 18, 2016
Production Code: UTC219

Walker, the unicorn guy, is a personal friend and a Patreon sponsor who pledged to the “appear in the comic” tier. We worked out an appropriate role for him in the story and I think the character fits in well. It helps to have one more “anchor” character besides Keris for this scene.

Speaking of friendly influences, Keris’ role in this chapter is an extension of her character arc in “New Tricks,” which another friend wrote. It goes to show that even solo projects can benefit from some good contacts with fresh perspectives.

CCXIII: Bad Days Are Here Again

Posted by on May 18, 2015
Production Code: UTC213

When I was a kid I wanted there to be a day where things in school just went nuts, like they would on television. Shows would have an episode every so often where some disaster or quirky thing would happen that would affect everyone for an episode. The power could go out, or due to flooding everybody would be trapped in one room together, or some other extremely awkward or gimmicky situation. I enjoyed seeing a familiar location get thrown into chaos, because it temporarily pushed aside status quo and caused the characters to behave differently than we’ve ever seen them.

My point is, Flint is literally living his days like this and I’m a little envious of him.

CCVIII: Suspicions

Posted by on March 30, 2015
Production Code: UTC208

Cass mentions the conversation Jen had with her back in “Day of the Dork”, when Cass was afraid of Noah seeing her then-new goat form.

She also mentions July’s warning about a group of disgruntled students in the previous chapter, “Fur Will Fly”.

CCVII: The Attic is Adorable

Posted by on March 23, 2015
Production Code: UTC207

This page features an appearance by a Patreon supporter, who came up with the details for his student character. His placement at this point in the chapter was by design. I wanted Jen to interact with a character who wasn’t “in” on her transformation.

CXCIX: Squirrelish Inquisition

Posted by on January 19, 2015
Production Code: UTC199

As the series has progressed I’ve become more focused on making the school look nice and modern so that it fits the attitude of a big-budget private school. I challenged myself to draw more backgrounds whenever I had a chance, and there are a lot of scene changes in this chapter, so the story really necessitates it.

Attic High has a different color scheme for each floor and wing so the students don’t get lost going between classes.

Panel 5 features a cameo by one of my Patreon supporters. Cameos are available as one of the reward tiers in the UTC Patreon campaign.