CCXIX: Schooled

Posted by on June 18, 2016
Production Code: UTC219

Walker, the unicorn guy, is a personal friend and a Patreon sponsor who pledged to the “appear in the comic” tier. We worked out an appropriate role for him in the story and I think the character fits in well. It helps to have one more “anchor” character besides Keris for this scene.

Speaking of friendly influences, Keris’ role in this chapter is an extension of her character arc in “New Tricks,” which another friend wrote. It goes to show that even solo projects can benefit from some good contacts with fresh perspectives.

CCXVIII: Hive of Scum and Villainy

Posted by on March 21, 2016
Production Code: UTC218A

If I expected to spend the entire rest of my life making UTC, I would have made four or five more chapters before “Class Warfare” all about each students’ experiments and building up more ancillary characters so that this story arc would have more weight to scenes like this. The only such character here is Tony, a friend of Jack’s who got one page of dialogue and then turned into a were-jackal. Who are these students, what makes them so inclined to obey Ken’s orders, and what are their experiments?

Unfortunately, those questions may remain unanswered forever…MAYBE somewhere down the road I will find a good chance to use one of them in a pinch to fill some role in a future story.

Update 11-22-2017: I slipped in a panel above the final 2 panels to better show how Katsuko is confusing the teens and stalling for time until she can get to her locker.

CXLIX: An Interview with the Jackal

Posted by on October 31, 2013
Production Code: UTC149

This page is named after An Interview with the Vampire.

I was afraid that some readers might think Thirteen died, so I rewrote the dialogue to make it clear she was okay. There was some confusion among readers at the end of Chapter 6 when I never confirmed that Cynthia survived. (She did. They got her to throw up the aspirin.)

CXXXV: House on Jackal Hill

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Production Code: UTC135

This page is named after House on Haunted Hill.

The second reason I wanted the jackals to appear in color was to make Thirteen’s transformation more apparent. Seeing her teeth, muzzle and ears grow slightly longer in each panel wasn’t giving a dramatic (and obvious) enough impression.

CXXXIV: Jackaldemic

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Production Code: UTC134

This page is named after Birdemic.

Before inking this page, I bought a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. It was amazing. I instantly began using it to add texture to the lineart, which is used liberally in panel 5.
Flint is the one speaking in panel 7. I hope that you’re able to tell that based on the manner of speech and the direction of the arrow.