Morty’s lab-grown catgirl assistant. She’s slowly learning about the human world and her place within it.

CCXVII: A Class Determined

Posted by on March 5, 2016
Production Code: UTC217A

This chapter originally launched in November 2015 with this single page. Shortly after posting, I had some serious issues with my ability to complete pages in a timely manner and was unhappy with the overall look of the page.

Eventually I redrew the middle section of the page and improved the backgrounds, adding some subtle textures.

This is the very first time the primary building of Attic High is seen in full. I hadn’t ever designed the complete structure, so the layout was cobbled together from what few exterior shots existed prior to this point, and I attempted to make the building match the established interiors as well. Then I covered almost the entire drawing in snow so you can barely see it. Surprisingly, this ended up being the easiest of all the panels on this page.

CCXVI: A Class Divided

Posted by on June 1, 2015
Production Code: UTC216

For the first time in the series, all 9 members of the current main and supporting casts appear on the same page. (Despite being in different locations.) I purposely held off on gathering everyone together in one place until a dramatically appropriate time. (The only time they’ve been all in the same room thus far in the series was during the Chapter 1 fundraiser.) Phase Two built up the characters with different combinations forming small groups to deal with whatever was going on. Now that the entire school is involved, you can guess where this is headed.

CCXV: Descent

Posted by on May 31, 2015
Production Code: UTC215

The page title comes from the sixth season cliffhanger of Star Trek: The Next Generation. An earlier page was titled “Redemption”, and after a bit I realized that “Redemption” was coincidentally the title of STTNG’s fourth season cliffhanger. I thought “Cool! I can foreshadow the upcoming cliffhanger by naming all of the rest of the pages with Star Trek cliffhanger titles.” But when I looked through my options, there weren’t many that could be used that matched the context of what was going on in the pages. The only one that fit was “Descent”, so that’s all that ended up being used.

CCIX: Door Stoppers

Posted by on April 20, 2015
Production Code: UTC209

This page is exactly as written in the script, but there was a time in between writing and drawing when I thought I should leave a few panels out and put them on the next page. I drew only 7 panels: the top row and bottom row, and left one giant panel in the middle to depict the scene in the principal’s office.

After drawing the panels, the page looked like it was going to be really empty. I divided the middle panel into three asymmetrical ones, and brought back the part that I was going to push to page CCX. I like the way the page ends. I liked it in the first place. There was just a period of doubt in the middle, which just goes to show it’s always possible to overthink your ideas.

Really, all of UTC is one giant lesson about that.

CCVI: My Son the Squirrel

Posted by on March 16, 2015
Production Code: UTC206