CCXXI: Bear Baby Breakout

Posted by on October 18, 2016
Production Code: UTC221

This is the part of the story arc that many writers (particularly screenwriters of action/horror films) hate. At some point you need to assemble all of the various groups and they need to share information with each other that the audience has already learned. It can get clunky and repetitive. Robert Rodriguez brilliantly found a way to skip this section of his film Planet Terror by literally cutting it out and claiming that the theater had misplaced that reel of footage. I have no such fallback option, so I have to just make this as entertaining as possible. Cue crowdsurfing Flint!

CCXIX: Schooled

Posted by on June 18, 2016
Production Code: UTC219

Walker, the unicorn guy, is a personal friend and a Patreon sponsor who pledged to the “appear in the comic” tier. We worked out an appropriate role for him in the story and I think the character fits in well. It helps to have one more “anchor” character besides Keris for this scene.

Speaking of friendly influences, Keris’ role in this chapter is an extension of her character arc in “New Tricks,” which another friend wrote. It goes to show that even solo projects can benefit from some good contacts with fresh perspectives.

CLXVI: Learning How to Speak

Posted by on April 28, 2014
Production Code: UTC166

Morty’s head in panel 1 was added at the very last minute. At first I just had blank space there because I wasn’t sure how much room I’d need for Ms. Harvick’s word balloon. Then I took a look at the whole page and realized we don’t see Morty until he pops in at the bottom of the page, and although it was established in a previous page that he is in this class with Keris, it wasn’t enough. I threw him in the blank space in panel 1 so he’s clearly in the scene from the get-go.