CCXXXII: Just Get on With It, People

Posted by on March 11, 2018
Production Code: UTC232

Lookit all these already-transformed characters we’ve never seen transform.

Just look. No backstories. They’re just appearing for flavor to add to the diversity of the looming fight sequence.

*sobs* What am I even making this comic for.

CLXII: Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Posted by on March 24, 2014
Production Code: UTC162

I asked Jeff to write a scene that had Noah and Flint, the two main characters that hadn’t yet been written into the chapter. After a little back and forth we came up with this brief “action sequence”.

This is the first UTC story to span more than two days. We’ve gone almost a full school week at this point. (Flashbacks don’t count.)

Keris is walking by the auditorium she almost burned down, last seen back in Chapter 1.