CCXLII: Class Welfare

Posted by on February 1, 2019
Production Code: UTC242

CIII: Class Dismissed

Posted by on March 26, 2012
Production Code: UTC103

Look how blank that cork board is. I neglected to draw anything on it in previous pages, when it wasn’t so obvious. Now it just sort of stands right out to me. Man, this is one boring classroom. Then again, this is Dr. Mitchell’s classroom we’re talking about.

XCVIII: Class Dissent

Posted by on February 21, 2012
Production Code: UTC098

I cannot BELIEVE I fit all those word balloons in there. This page was ridiculous to lay out.

The first draft of this page called for the students to be unanimously against Argo, but when some readers reacted to Dr. Mitchell’s transformation in Argo’s favor, it inspired me to mix in some students who supported his idea. That’s why there is so much crammed into this page. A lot of new dialogue had to be added.

This is Katsuko’s first chapter as a member of the secondary cast. Her character is given a name for the first time. I previously referred to her as “Student Eight” in Chapter 4’s script.

Cass is using a different phone than the one in Chapter 4. I wanted her to own a smart phone with an easy-to-read screen instead of the outdated flip-up cell from before. As of yet, I have no in-story explanation for why she’d use two different phones over the course of one week.

XC: Unamused Professor is Unamused

Posted by on January 3, 2012
Production Code: UTC090

Dr. Mitchell is named after the titular character from the 70’s film Mitchell, mocked in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I colored this page live via web streaming. When I needed to come up with the title, I used a comment one of my viewers had made about Dr. Mitchell’s facial expression. This is the second page to be titled by someone other than myself, the first being strip VII.

LXXIX: Furless

Posted by on October 23, 2009
Production Code: UTC079

This is my least favorite page in UTC, not just because of the blatant nudity but because there were ways I could have handled it better. When I started the comic I laid out some ground rules on mature content. The rules basically state that if Star Trek could get away with it, I can get away with it. Nothing more. But Star Trek was never so crass as to have somebody say “Nothing worth seeing, anyway.” Morty is clearly not attracted to Keris, but that slam was just cold, and actually out of character.

A reader on deviantArt suggested after this page went live that I could have had all of Keris’ fur shed into a huge pile and she’d be in the middle of it. Several times over the past few years, I’ve thought about going back to this page and actually making that change, turning this into a physical comedy bit and dodging the nudity altogether, but it’s such a drastic change I worry about developing George Lucas Syndrome. Where would I draw the line after that? So I’m going to leave this page as it is, and never let a situation like this develop in the series again.