CXCIV: Squirrel Boy Nocturne

Posted by on December 8, 2014
Production Code: UTC194

The original title for this page was “Go the Flint to Sleep” as a reference to a children’s book of a slightly different name that I won’t type here. Given the mood of this scene, I didn’t want to add that kind of humor to this page, so I came up with a different title.

I added this scene at the same time I added the earlier scene with Flint and Scurry, at the very end of the scripting phase. It was a challenge coming up with a satisfying ending to this chapter, since Flint’s future is left up in the air. This scene doesn’t necessarily tie up any loose ends. Its point is to reassure readers that a setback in the present doesn’t have to mean bad things for the future.

CLXXXIII: Squirrel Away

Posted by on September 22, 2014
Production Code: UTC183

This scene was added during the final rewrite of Chapter 9 when I realized that the Scurry needed to go away for the winter, and I knew that the next few chapters wouldn’t be good places to put a scene like this. As it turned out, the lasting effect of this scene on Flint dovetails with the other things he’s going through, so its inclusion at this point in the story was perfect.

In spite of the correction I made to the previous page, Flint erroneously uses the word “hibernation” here. I choose to believe he just couldn’t think of what else to call it right at that moment.

CLXXXII: Call of the Squirrel

Posted by on September 15, 2014
Production Code: UTC182

This page was rewritten after its initial release to correct a scientific error. Scurry explained to Flint that he would have to hibernate, but a reader pointed out that tree squirrels like Scurry don’t hibernate. I changed Scurry’s explanation to having to stay closer to home during winter, which is in keeping with observed tree squirrel habits.

I also did a lot more research into biology after this.

CXLVIII: The Crawling Jackal

Posted by on October 29, 2013
Production Code: UTC148

This page is named after The Crawling Hand, The Crawling Eye, and any other horror movies named The Crawling ____ .

Before anyone says anything, Morty DID use “ironic” correctly. I looked it up.

CXLVII: The Jackal Woman

Posted by on October 28, 2013
Production Code: UTC147

This page is named after The Leech Woman, The Wasp Woman, and any other horror movies named The ____ Woman.

Again, something that didn’t occur to me until very late: Morty wasn’t going to be crying in the final panel, just showing a big frown. When I saw how effective his silhouette was in setting up the reveal of his sad expression, I knew we needed to see something really surprising.