CXLIX: An Interview with the Jackal

Posted by on October 31, 2013
Production Code: UTC149

This page is named after An Interview with the Vampire.

I was afraid that some readers might think Thirteen died, so I rewrote the dialogue to make it clear she was okay. There was some confusion among readers at the end of Chapter 6 when I never confirmed that Cynthia survived. (She did. They got her to throw up the aspirin.)

CXLV: The Midwest Jackal Massacre

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Production Code: UTC145

This page is named after The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This page was originally a series of panels showing each person doing their own thing and taking on the jackals. But since this is the climax of the story, I decided to go the flashier route and draw one big panel. I love and hate a lot of things about this page. Overall, it was a challenging page and I’m happy that I had the courage to go through with it.

CXLIV: Fright Jackal

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Production Code: UTC144

This page is named after Fright Night.

Thirteen’s wig was seen flying off of her head two pages ago. That’s a continuity error I did not catch until all of the pages were drawn.

The idea to use sugar water squirt guns only came about after I had done the research on blood sugar. It really helps to look things up. You can get inspiration from research even if your final idea isn’t actually backed up by the research.

CXL: The Evil Jackal

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Production Code: UTC140

This page is named after The Evil Dead. I chose that title for this page because here I found a perfect opportunity to have a character say “Dead by dawn”, which was the tagline for Evil Dead II.

CXXXIX: The Were-Jackal Project

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Production Code: UTC139

This page is named after The Blair Witch Project.

I colored the blood in the previous pages, so to be consistent I colored the blood on Noah’s microscope monitor. I’m not sure if I’m happy with how it looks compared to the monochrome.

A cut line had Morty criticizing the antiquated state of Noah’s equipment. Almost everything in the basement lab is meant to be ten or more years old. We see him checking for dust on an unused chemical machine on the top shelf.

The room was shown to be cramped and full of old tech. I used a lot of closeups in this scene and made sure to keep characters as close together as possible to make this evident, but I still should have made it look more crowded. In my original vision, there wasn’t even enough room for all five of them to fit without being shoulder to shoulder.