CCII: Uninvisible

Posted by on February 9, 2015
Production Code: UTC202

The first two rows of panels were written for the previous page, with the end panel being the stunned silence of the two students. However, we don’t see Dr. Attic disciplining students much…the only time she did, she was super angry because Morty had turned her own daughter into a giant poodle. So the punchline wouldn’t have come off as strongly as the one about Thirteen pointing to a chameleon on the ceiling, being the only person in the room who even noticed.

UTC has reached a point I’d been waiting for for a long time. With so many different transformations and plots going on, it’s become more natural to write situations where characters can use their “powers” in productive ways. Instead of reworking the story to create an advantage for the main characters, I was able to figure out a way for them to solve the problem that already existed. I had created a problem where nobody could see this girl on the ceiling and I looked through the UTC roster to figure out who could help the most. The answers were Thirteen and Noah. Bam. Pages written.

CC: Humble Milestone Page

Posted by on January 26, 2015
Production Code: UTC200

The page title came about when I couldn’t think of anything particularly remarkable about what happens in this page. I almost made something about Dr. Mitchell’s tongue, but decided that would just be redundant given that Morty already used that for the page’s punchline.

Several past chapters are referenced here. Lab 4 was trashed by Keris in Chapter 4. Argo turned Dr. Mitchell into a snake in Chapter 5 during the presentation day that Morty missed due to his temporary expulsion. Lab 3 was partially demolished in Chapter 6, which is the falling incident Ash mentions.

With Thirteen’s entrance, Chapter 10 is the first chapter to feature the entire main and secondary casts since Chapter 1. This was a deliberate choice, since this chapter marks the finale of Phase Two.