CCXX: He’s Been a Beary Bad Boy

Posted by on July 30, 2016
Production Code: UTC220

The inspiration for Katsuko’s bears comes from an unlikely place — Action Comics #657. It’s the earliest Superman comic I owned, and in it, Toyman kidnaps kids using sleeping bags that transform into giant plush bears that carry the children inside while they’re still asleep. It was creepy then, and it’s creepy now. I love it.

Disclaimer: Katsuko did not invent these bears to kidnap children.

CCXIII: Bad Days Are Here Again

Posted by on May 18, 2015
Production Code: UTC213

When I was a kid I wanted there to be a day where things in school just went nuts, like they would on television. Shows would have an episode every so often where some disaster or quirky thing would happen that would affect everyone for an episode. The power could go out, or due to flooding everybody would be trapped in one room together, or some other extremely awkward or gimmicky situation. I enjoyed seeing a familiar location get thrown into chaos, because it temporarily pushed aside status quo and caused the characters to behave differently than we’ve ever seen them.

My point is, Flint is literally living his days like this and I’m a little envious of him.

CCXII: Redemption

Posted by on May 11, 2015
Production Code: UTC212

Here it’s finally revealed that Morty’s goggles have tech inside them. There have been hints about their capabilities in earlier chapters, but nothing had been shown or stated outright until now.

The composition of panel 3 calls back to when Cass punched Morty on page LIII.

CCXI: Clomp, Clock, Flick

Posted by on May 4, 2015
Production Code: UTC211

The orange “telephone receivers” are cellular destabilizers. They were first seen in “Day of the Dork”, where Gareth (the guy holding Cass) used them against were-poodle Keris. I added them into the establishing shot of the advanced equipment room on a whim, presuming that Jen would have a problem with a teenager creating a portable device that could literally break apart living tissue. (It also helps explain why Gareth is working with Ken in the first place.) On this page, Ken originally subdued Cass with a taser he kept in his pocket. I thought that idea was too “normal”, and when I realized that the destabilizers were right there on the shelf, I drew the page to show Ken moving into the room, where he could reach for them quickly.

CCX: For the Record, I Do SOME Research for These Explanations

Posted by on April 27, 2015
Production Code: UTC210

The explanation for Jen’s de-aging was meant to come a lot earlier, and would have been discovered by the students themselves when they’d test Jen. I completely reworked the second half of this chapter to make the plot flow faster, jumping straight to Jen seeking the advanced equipment for her cure, and Ken’s team pouncing on them, which proved to be a good place to finally give the exposition.