CCXV: Descent

Posted by on May 31, 2015
Production Code: UTC215

The page title comes from the sixth season cliffhanger of Star Trek: The Next Generation. An earlier page was titled “Redemption”, and after a bit I realized that “Redemption” was coincidentally the title of STTNG’s fourth season cliffhanger. I thought “Cool! I can foreshadow the upcoming cliffhanger by naming all of the rest of the pages with Star Trek cliffhanger titles.” But when I looked through my options, there weren’t many that could be used that matched the context of what was going on in the pages. The only one that fit was “Descent”, so that’s all that ended up being used.

CCIII: Uninformative

Posted by on February 16, 2015
Production Code: UTC203

There is actually a lot of information on this page, but the title is referring to the way both scenes end. Jen and Kestrel are not forthcoming about what’s asked of them. Plus I really wanted a third “Un___” title because having just two page titles like that in a row felt odd.

CC: Humble Milestone Page

Posted by on January 26, 2015
Production Code: UTC200

The page title came about when I couldn’t think of anything particularly remarkable about what happens in this page. I almost made something about Dr. Mitchell’s tongue, but decided that would just be redundant given that Morty already used that for the page’s punchline.

Several past chapters are referenced here. Lab 4 was trashed by Keris in Chapter 4. Argo turned Dr. Mitchell into a snake in Chapter 5 during the presentation day that Morty missed due to his temporary expulsion. Lab 3 was partially demolished in Chapter 6, which is the falling incident Ash mentions.

With Thirteen’s entrance, Chapter 10 is the first chapter to feature the entire main and secondary casts since Chapter 1. This was a deliberate choice, since this chapter marks the finale of Phase Two.

CIII: Class Dismissed

Posted by on March 26, 2012
Production Code: UTC103

Look how blank that cork board is. I neglected to draw anything on it in previous pages, when it wasn’t so obvious. Now it just sort of stands right out to me. Man, this is one boring classroom. Then again, this is Dr. Mitchell’s classroom we’re talking about.

CI: Class-tle Crashers

Posted by on March 13, 2012
Production Code: UTC101

The glass flying into Argo’s face wasn’t written for the original page. In fact, the page went online with panel 6 showing Argo simply dropping the tablet in surprise. After looking back on the page, I realized the obvious: glass should be flying right in his face. I added the glass, closed his eyes, threw in some blood for good measure and reuploaded the page.

This was another page colored and ballooned in a late night livestream, the second and final time I did such a thing for a page in Phase Two.