CLXXV: The Fast and the Furry-ous

Posted by on July 28, 2014
Production Code: UTC175

This page’s title is a reference to the film series The Fast and the Furious. I had once considered using the title for the chapter itself, but I felt the joke was too cheap, especially as Phase Two already had its share of movie-title-inspired chapter names.

This chapter draws from my own experiences as a kid who stuck out awkwardly in school and how poorly I handled my enormously delicate social position. Panel 4 was inspired by an incident where I embarrassed myself in front of my best friend and some friends of his and, according to high school rules, made him look bad by association. (Which I didn’t even understand at the time, as Flint doesn’t here.)

Rameses was originally going to already be half-cheetah for the entire first half of this chapter, but I rewrote it to give him a gradual, visible transformation as a treat for readers.

Panel 4 shows a fire drill evacuation. I didn’t include a sound effect for the alarms because the panel was already cluttered. Hopefully it still reads as intended.

CXXVIII: Calloways Victorious

Posted by on October 19, 2012
Production Code: UTC129

The surprise party for Flint was first written for the end of Chapter 5. Originally the parents were going to come straight home from the airport and Cass hadn’t told them about their transformations yet. Flint had been giving her flak for keeping him inside their house all week, and Cass realized that her brother needed to be with his friends again. She invited them all over after the Argo situation ended. The parents then arrived at home after the party, finding Cass, Flint, Noah, Morty and Jen waiting for them, and everybody explained what had been going on.

That ending didn’t seem like the natural way to deal with the dynamics between Cass/Flint and Cass/Parents, so it was thrown out. I really liked the idea of getting some closure for Flint’s “grounding”, though, and this party feels like the right thing to do after Flint’s first flight and first personal victory at Attic High.

This is the first chapter of UTC to show events that happen on two different days. My writing style for a very long time had been to begin and end a story during a single day, with no interruption or time skips. It was never deliberate. (Except in Seven to Seven.) It’s just something I did. Chapters 8 and 9 helped knock me out of that mode of writing.

CXXIV: Coming Through

Posted by on October 2, 2012
Production Code: UTC125

Drawing Cass from so many different angles resulted in a very uneven design for her face. Throughout Phase Two I struggled with exactly how to draw her half-goat muzzle. (I had come to dislike her dogish snout from Phase One.)

CXXIII: The Squirrel With a Plan

Posted by on September 28, 2012
Production Code: UTC124

I realized far too late that the placement of panel 8 in the bottom left corner makes you read it as panel 9 instead. Most people read Flint’s question to Scurry before seeing him think of asking it. Lesson learned.

While it was implied on page XXXII, this page firmly establishes that when Cass and Flint talk with a member of their borrowed species, they are indeed using that species’ method of communication. I was happy to find a way to work this into the comic in a funny way.

CXXII: Shiver Shock

Posted by on September 21, 2012
Production Code: UTC122

I wanted to title this “Watch Out, She’s Jeff Goldbluming,” in a reference to what his character does in Independence Day, but it seemed rather cheap. Still, that’s exactly what Cass does here, and I feel like resorting to leaps in logic via word association epiphanies is lousy writing.

Had this been released on Talk Like a Pirate Day, the title would have been “Shiver Me Noahs.”