CIII: Class Dismissed

Posted by on March 26, 2012
Production Code: UTC103

Look how blank that cork board is. I neglected to draw anything on it in previous pages, when it wasn’t so obvious. Now it just sort of stands right out to me. Man, this is one boring classroom. Then again, this is Dr. Mitchell’s classroom we’re talking about.

CII: Getting Under His Skin

Posted by on March 20, 2012
Production Code: UTC102

I wanted a bit of dialogue explaining that Cass and her friends worked out a system where, if one of them was caught in an urgent transformation crisis, they would alert the others for a quick assist. It was part of my attempt to write Cass as more of a proactive character rather than being helplessly in danger and having Noah come defend her. In any event, the Noah rescues are cool but I did not want it to become a trend.

CI: Class-tle Crashers

Posted by on March 13, 2012
Production Code: UTC101

The glass flying into Argo’s face wasn’t written for the original page. In fact, the page went online with panel 6 showing Argo simply dropping the tablet in surprise. After looking back on the page, I realized the obvious: glass should be flying right in his face. I added the glass, closed his eyes, threw in some blood for good measure and reuploaded the page.

This was another page colored and ballooned in a late night livestream, the second and final time I did such a thing for a page in Phase Two.

C: The Unfair Option

Posted by on March 6, 2012
Production Code: UTC100

I thought I had a handle on determining the right size of non-vital panel space to leave for word balloons, but then this page came along and I really underestimated things. Some of the balloons had to have dialogue trimmed at the last minute to get them to fit.

XCVIII: Class Dissent

Posted by on February 21, 2012
Production Code: UTC098

I cannot BELIEVE I fit all those word balloons in there. This page was ridiculous to lay out.

The first draft of this page called for the students to be unanimously against Argo, but when some readers reacted to Dr. Mitchell’s transformation in Argo’s favor, it inspired me to mix in some students who supported his idea. That’s why there is so much crammed into this page. A lot of new dialogue had to be added.

This is Katsuko’s first chapter as a member of the secondary cast. Her character is given a name for the first time. I previously referred to her as “Student Eight” in Chapter 4’s script.

Cass is using a different phone than the one in Chapter 4. I wanted her to own a smart phone with an easy-to-read screen instead of the outdated flip-up cell from before. As of yet, I have no in-story explanation for why she’d use two different phones over the course of one week.