CLXXII: Keris Unleashed

CLXXI: All-Nighter

CLXX: Learning How to Fetch

Posted by on May 26, 2014
Production Code: UTC170

I wanted this to look like a drab, run-down shopping plaza. That’s why there’s only one car and fluorescent lighting that gives everything an icky greenish-brown color. I kind of wish I hadn’t gone THAT far with the colors, because the overall page color scheme is all over the place.

CLXIX: In Crowd

Posted by on May 19, 2014
Production Code: UTC169

Girls like these are why Cass originally chose to dress the way she did. The full explanation hasn’t been provided in the comic yet, though the subject was briefly mentioned on page LXXXIX.

CLXVIII: What the Fuzz Does

Posted by on May 12, 2014
Production Code: UTC168

That computer screen is not in the previous page because I had originally envisioned it to be lower than the tank on its right side (behind the tank from the perspective of the viewer). If I had put it higher it would have been directly behind the fish and that would have obscured its shape, making its reveal in the previous page more difficult for the reader. When it came to draw this page, I realized that with the angles I wanted, the screen had to be directly next to the tank on its right side. So I cheated and use the words “artistic license” to justify why I will not go back and draw in the screen behind the fish on the previous page. The page looks fine as-is.

I had the dumbest smile while drawing Morty in panel 8. It’s my favorite moment in the entire chapter.