LIV: Don’t Worry, He’s Wearing Pants

Posted by on March 31, 2008
Production Code: UTC054

The page title was just to cover my butt (pun not intended) on the “No clothes visible on Flint” issue. His first shirt was torn to shreds by his wingflaps, so naturally he doesn’t feel like wearing shirts anymore. But rest assured, below the waist, he is covered.

That is Clearly Not Smash Bros Brawl that he is playing on his Clearly Not a Nintendo Wii. That is Clearly Not a Triforce on the screen. I’m Clearly Not Getting Sued. Also, I guess since this is the near future, that should be a “Clearly Not a Wii-U”? Even that is a little dated for this time period, unless Nintendo’s next-next-generation console remarkably decides to keep using those controllers.

LIII: Futile, But Satisfying

Posted by on March 24, 2008
Production Code: UTC053

Cass needed some kind of victory in this chapter, no matter how superficial. Cold-cocking Morty was the least she could have been allowed to do, given the circumstances. It’s my hope, if someone in the distant future makes a list of The Greatest Moments in UTC, that “Cass Knocks Morty the F**k Out” makes it into the top five.

For about the first two years on the website, the sound effect of the punch was “BAM!” I changed it to “POW!” shortly before making the trade paperback because I really, really didn’t like how “Bam” rhymed with “plan”.

LII: Tail Talk

Posted by on March 17, 2008
Production Code: UTC052

I hadn’t given Thirteen much to do in this story, until this opportunity presented itself. It seemed like the perfect chance to add some humor into the situation.

LI: Going in the Wrong Direction

Posted by on March 10, 2008
Production Code: UTC051

The transformation scenes are still shorter than planned, because now there is a larger plot. At this time, I felt that glamorizing the transformation process ran the risk of cheapening the overall story.

Transforming Cass a second time was motivated by my dissatisfaction with her character design. I wanted to make some noticeable alterations, and because the series focuses on physical transformation, the look of the characters is at the forefront of a reader’s mind. So I came up with a story reason why Cass would look so different.

This is still one of my favorite pages of the entire series, even looking back on it six and a half years later.

L: This is Going to Suck

Posted by on March 3, 2008
Production Code: UTC050

When the series was first planned, I envisioned more frequent transformation scenes. When the characters began to take on more dimensions and the story became more dramatic, I knew the story had to be about character development first, and character transformation second. Still, I made sure each chapter had a new transformation element to keep with the premise.