Page 229 Still Coming This Weekend

Posted by on December 9, 2017

I won’t sugar-coat it, the page has been delayed. It was an entirely avoidable problem that I take full responsibility for. I’m stressed and tired and I need to go to sleep and I didn’t prepare for Patreon to implode right as I was rebuilding my creative model. I should have had the page ready to go earlier in the week, because of course something was going to knock me back off my feet at the last minute.

I’m finishing the page up Saturday and will get it online as soon as possible. A full explanation of the state of UTC and the Patreon campaign will come in a few days. (If you haven’t already heard about the Patreon controversy, here is one of many articles that can shed light on this still-developing internet earthquake.)

Holiday Updates

Posted by on November 22, 2017

So 2017 has not been a productive year for me, but I would like to close out the year on a good note. I’m going to draw the next couple of pages so that we at least don’t leave Demetrius hanging in thin air any longer.

There will be updates on December 9 and 23! By the end of the year I should have a good grasp on what is going to be happening with the comic in 2018, along with a nice update on that pesky Phase Two graphic novel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

September Update

Posted by on September 11, 2017

Well, it’s been a while! I wish I could say I have a lot to update you on, but this summer was a creative drag. Work on the Vol. 2 TPB is continuing slowly, but things are beginning to look up this month. When I know when I can continue regular updates, I’ll post a restart date for Chapter 11.

As I write this, former hurricane Irma is passing through Florida on its way north. I wish all of you in Florida, Georgia and Alabama the best, and a swift recovery. Stay safe!

Patreon Campaign Suspended

Posted by on May 22, 2017

Due to the continuing slowdown of work on new UTC pages, I’ve decided to suspend my Patreon until such time as I can update it on a schedule closer to the weekly updates I was providing a couple of years ago. There aren’t going to be any new pages for May, so Patrons will not be charged for this or future months until things are rolling steadily again.

The donation links on this site have also been taken down.

You’ll see the occasional new page here when there is one to show, however I’m going to spend the bulk of my efforts finishing the extra content for the Vol. 2 trade paperback. (It’s nearly two years late on delivery.)

Chapter 11 Status

Posted by on May 9, 2017

We’re currently at the midpoint of Chapter 11. So far, I’ve released 12 pages over the course of 13 months. I know that hasn’t been an acceptable rate to a lot of you readers, but the unfortunate truth is that it’s the best rate I’ve been able to muster. I tried to get a twice-monthly schedule going to build momentum. With spring in full bloom, I’m going to try that again, but as before I am not going to guarantee that will stick.

Some have asked me why I don’t simply wait until all the pages are finished before releasing the whole chapter. I think that would be counter-intuitive to my work process, which is extremely slow but steady. Getting feedback from you after posting individual pages has helped me in many ways, not the least of which is knowing I still have your support.

That is especially important for this particular chapter, which has been undeniably the most difficult of them all to write and draw. Juggling over a dozen characters in an action scene is a crazy exercise in storytelling. The Marvel and DC guys have that down to a science, but I do not. To be honest, I know you are all itching to see how this story ends, but nobody–nobody–wants this chapter to reach its conclusion more than I do.

As always, thank you for your continued support, all of you wonderful readers, and of course those of you who have given support through Patreon and donations.

This is going to take however long it takes, but it will get done. That I can guarantee.