Main Characters


Senior at Attic High and unwitting half-goat mutant. Naturally feels like an outsider, even before the transformation. Changes hairstyle daily thanks to rapid hair growth.

Comics: 164
Recent Appearance: CCXXXI: Ashton PUNCH!
First Appearance: I: Metamorpho-psych


Adventurous junior high schooler and brother to Cass. After being turned halfway into a flying squirrel, Flint pushed his mutation further in order to be able to glide.

Comics: 121
Recent Appearance: CCXXIV: The Attic is Apologetic
First Appearance: I: Metamorpho-psych


Senior at Attic High and son of the world's greatest living geneticist. He turned Cass and Flint into animals in an attempt to win Attic High's genetics competition. He's since owned up to the consequences and promised to help them change back.

Comics: 113
Recent Appearance: CCXXVIII: He Fell for It
First Appearance: VIII: Enter the Arch-Nemesis


Senior at Attic High who specializes in taking big leaps without thinking ahead and making dramatic entrances. His imperfect genetic formula is gradually turning him into a salamander.

Comics: 79
Recent Appearance: CCXXV: La Résistance
First Appearance: XX: Flint Loves His Sci-Fi

Secondary Characters


Four-armed senior at Attic High. Highly emotional if the right buttons are pushed.

Comics: 60
Recent Appearance: CCXXXI: Ashton PUNCH!
First Appearance: VI: Arm Opposition


Possibly the smartest senior at Attic High. He's made it to the top of the class despite a language deficiency. Prefers to stay silent.

Comics: 60
Recent Appearance: CCXXX: Just Starting
First Appearance: XI: Silence Becomes Him


Morty's lab-grown catgirl assistant. She's slowly learning about the human world and her place within it.

Comics: 49
Recent Appearance: CCXVII: A Class Determined
First Appearance: IX: You Know You'd Make One If You Could


Mild-mannered senior at Attic High. Her genetics project involves teddy bears somehow.

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: CCXXX: Just Starting
First Appearance: XIII: Violence Becomes Him


Founder and principal of Attic High, the leading private science-focused high school in the country. Is constantly awed and apprehensive about the achievements of her students.

Comics: 67
Recent Appearance: This Day in UTC - 9/11/17
First Appearance: V: The Golden Documentary of Sinbad