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Jan 5Chapter 8: New Tricks
Jan 6CLI: Girl, Disregarded
Jan 13CLII: Old and Unimproved
Jan 20CLIII: Testy Subject
Jan 27CLIV: The Aven Declination
Feb 3CLV: A Stranger to Scrutiny
Feb 10CLVI: The Attic’s Library
Feb 17CLVII: Dolls, Homework, and Sin
Feb 24CLVIII: Keris Attic: Dog Decrypterer
Mar 3CLIX: Diss-heartened
Mar 10CLX: Pillowned
Mar 17CLXI: Beautificationization
Mar 24CLXII: Foot in Mouth Syndrome
Apr 7CLXIII: Learning How to Beg
Apr 14CLXIV: The First Step
Apr 21CLXV: Driving Forward
Apr 28CLXVI: Learning How to Speak
May 5CLXVII: Where the Fish Lives
May 12CLXVIII: What the Fuzz Does
May 19CLXIX: In Crowd
May 26CLXX: Learning How to Fetch
Jun 2CLXXI: All-Nighter
Jun 9CLXXII: Keris Unleashed
Jun 11Unfamiliar Transformation Crisis: Page 1
Jun 12Unfamiliar Transformation Crisis: Page 2
Jun 16Chapter 9: Fur Will Fly
Jun 23CLXXIII: Squirrel Days of Autumn
Jul 21CLXXIV: Feline Foe
Jul 28CLXXV: The Fast and the Furry-ous
Aug 4CLXXVI: Do Birds and Bees Get Along Any Better Than This?
Aug 11CLXXVII: Itching for Some Good Clothes
Aug 18CLXXVIII: Clandestine Genetic Re-Modification
Aug 25CLXXIX: Glad We Skipped to the End of This One
Sep 1CLXXX: The Attic is Authoritative
Sep 8CLXXXI: Knocked Down
Sep 15CLXXXII: Call of the Squirrel
Sep 22CLXXXIII: Squirrel Away
Oct 6CLXXXIV: One Sorry Salamander
Oct 13CLXXXV: Hearsay
Oct 20CLXXXVI: Ready, Set, Go
Oct 28CLXXXVII: Off and Running
Nov 3CLXXXVIII: Nerves of Steel
Nov 10CLXXXIX: Out of the Running and Into the Fire
Nov 17CXC: Out, Out Darn Spot
Nov 24CXCI: The Squirrel Has Landed
Dec 1CXCII: Integrity
Dec 8CXCIII: Inside
Dec 8CXCIV: Squirrel Boy Nocturne
Dec 15Chapter 10: Class Warfare
Dec 22CXCV: Precipitous Developments
Dec 31CXCVI: The Administration