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Jul 24Guest Comic by Joe England
Oct 1Chapter 7: Terror of the Jackal
Oct 10CXXIX: The Jackaling
Oct 11CXXX: Night of the Living Jackal
Oct 12CXXXI: The Jackal in the Woods
Oct 13CXXXII: An American Were-Jackal in Genesee Springs
Oct 14CXXXIII: Jackal Squad
Oct 15CXXXIV: Jackaldemic
Oct 16CXXXV: House on Jackal Hill
Oct 17CXXXVI: Jackal’s Play
Oct 18CXXXVII: Resident Jackal
Oct 19CXXXVIII: Treehouse of Jackals
Oct 20CXXXIX: The Were-Jackal Project
Oct 21CXL: The Evil Jackal
Oct 22CXLI: Dr. Jackal and Mr. Calloway
Oct 23CXLII: Jackal the 13th
Oct 24CXLIII: Jackal Activity
Oct 25CXLIV: Fright Jackal
Oct 26CXLV: The Midwest Jackal Massacre
Oct 27CXLVI: A Nightmare on Jackal Street
Oct 28CXLVII: The Jackal Woman
Oct 29CXLVIII: The Crawling Jackal
Oct 30CXLIX: An Interview with the Jackal
Oct 31CL: I Was a Teenage Were-Jackal