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Jan 3XC: Unamused Professor is Unamused
Jan 5XCI: Flint’s Emotional Priorities
Jan 9XCII: Glaring and Glancing and Glaring
Jan 24XCIII: The Archer Takes Aim
Jan 25XCIV: Dr. Mitchell’s Meltdown
Jan 30XCV: Made to Scale
Feb 6XCVI: Attic v. Montovarius
Feb 13XCVII: The Acquiescence of Mortimer Montovarius
Feb 21XCVIII: Class Dissent
Feb 28XCIX: Fancying Flight
Mar 6C: The Unfair Option
Mar 13CI: Class-tle Crashers
Mar 20CII: Getting Under His Skin
Mar 26CIII: Class Dismissed
Apr 3CIV: Diplomatic Victory
Apr 10CV: Returns
Apr 17CVI: I, Accepted
May 28Guest Comic by The Shadow Demon
Jul 19Chapter 6: It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big World
Jul 20CVII: Out on a Limb
Jul 23CVIII: Moms
Jul 27CIX: The New Class
Jul 30CX: Attic’s Six
Aug 3CXI: Family-Unfriendly
Aug 6CXII: Requirements, Rejections and Reservations
Aug 20CXIII: Demetrius Wants to Pet Her Too
Aug 24CXIV: Actual Scientists Must Hate This Comic
Aug 27CXV: Smoke on the Console
Aug 31CXVI: Sizing Down the Situation
Sep 3CXVII: That Shrinking Feeling
Sep 7CXVIII: Sense Does Not a Fun Comic Make
Sep 11CXIX: Slither Cat Slither
Sep 14CXX: Stopped Cold
Sep 18CXXI: Supergeniuses Use Charades
Sep 21CXXII: Shiver Shock
Sep 28CXXIII: The Squirrel With a Plan
Oct 2CXXIV: Coming Through
Oct 5CXXV: Flint’s First Flight
Oct 9CXXVI: What Price Bigness?
Oct 18CXXVII: Sweating the Small Stuff
Oct 19CXXVIII: Calloways Victorious