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Feb 3Chapter 3: Mutation Fluxuation
Feb 4XLIII: Bipolar Weekend
Feb 8XLIV: A Goat at the Gates
Feb 11XLV: The Lair of the Beast
Feb 15XLVI: Concession Speech
Feb 18XLVII: Bleating Up the Wrong Tree
Feb 22XLVIII: Miss the Joke-A-Day Strips Yet?
Feb 25XLIX: One Freak to Another
Mar 3L: This is Going to Suck
Mar 10LI: Going in the Wrong Direction
Mar 17LII: Tail Talk
Mar 24LIII: Futile, But Satisfying
Mar 31LIV: Don’t Worry, He’s Wearing Pants
Apr 6Chapter 4: Day of the Dork
Apr 7LV: Extreme Makeover: Anthro Edition
Apr 14LVI: Silly Squirrel, School is for Humans
Apr 18LVII: I’m Here, I’m Cashmere, Get Used to It
Apr 21LVIII: “Costume” Compliments
Apr 25LIX: Surprise Guests
Apr 28LX: At Least His Phrases Are Original
May 2LXI: Burn Notice
May 5LXII: Volunteers
May 12LXIII: Jen Attic Will Not Tolerate Protracted Romantic Tension
Jul 11LXIV: Guess Who?
Jul 18LXV: When Daughters-Turned-Animals Attack
Jul 25LXVI: Horns vs Claws
Aug 1LXVII: Is There a Doctor in the House (Besides This One)?
Aug 8LXVIII: His Way is the Highway
Aug 15LXIX: Tense Enough for You?
Aug 22LXX: Noah Double-Majors in Genetics and Dramatic Entrances
Nov 14LXXI: Suppress Your Inner Squirrel
Dec 22LXXII: Preposterously Prodigious Poodle Panics Populace
Dec 31LXXIII: Sweeping the Competition