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Aug 5Chapter 1: Changing Times at Attic High
Aug 6I: Metamorpho-psych
Aug 8II: Start-of-Series Setup
Aug 10III: But Isn’t BSG On Sundays Now?
Aug 13IIII: My Kid Is a Student at UYRWFPSFBSM
Aug 15V: The Golden Documentary of Sinbad
Aug 17VI: Arm Opposition
Aug 20VII: Molecular Harmony is For Pigeons
Aug 22VIII: Enter the Arch-Nemesis
Aug 24IX: You Know You’d Make One If You Could
Aug 27X: This Moment Will Be Important Later
Aug 31XI: Silence Becomes Him
Sep 3XII: Hot Pockets Product Placement
Sep 7XIII: Violence Becomes Him
Sep 10XIV: Conflict in Aisle Five
Sep 14XV: It’s, Like, Finally Getting Interesting
Sep 17XVI: The First of Many
Sep 21XVII: Like, Uh-Oh!
Sep 24XVIII: PETA’s Gonna Have a Field Day
Sep 28XIX: The Brief Re-Establishment of the Documentary Sub-Sub-Plot
Oct 1XX: Flint Loves His Sci-Fi
Oct 5XXI: The Calmest Evacuation Ever
Oct 8XXII: Cold Minds, Hot Heads and Brave Hearts
Oct 13XXIII: Midnight Rescue
Oct 16XXIV: “Cough” Spelled Correctly Looks Weird
Oct 20XXV: The Attic is Angry
Oct 26XXVII: Not YET
Oct 30XXVIII: No, They’re Not Turning Into Vulcans
Nov 5Chapter 2: Get Your Freak Out
Nov 6XXIX: The New You
Nov 10XXX: Squeely Squirrel
Nov 13XXXI: Girl Got a Raw Deal
Nov 17XXXII: It Took Her Four Strips to Figure This Out
Nov 20XXXIII: Dial “M” for Morty
Nov 24XXXIV: Should Have Used the Christopher Pike Method
Nov 27XXXV: Because It’s More Interesting
Dec 1XXXVI: Whatever You Sa-a-a-ay
Dec 4XXXVII: Sympathy for the Goat
Dec 8XXXVIII: Safety in Numbers
Dec 11XXXIX: The Simple Ways Are Always Best
Dec 15XL: The Quirky Quandries of Cashmere Calloway
Dec 18XLI: Mutation: Impossible
Dec 22XLII: The Passing of Something