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Rayna’s on Hiatus

Due to some circumstances, I’ve had to reduce my workload for the next several months. The continuation of Rayna on the River has to be postponed until things have improved and I’m able to invest more time in this comic.

I think the series is off to a great start, and I have lots of hopes for its future! In the meanwhile, I intend to get better at improving my art style and practicing new methods so that when the comic returns, it’s even better than before.

Break Time

Here we are at the end of the first storyline! Ranya is going to take a bit of a break while I prep the relaunch of UTC (that other comic I do…why did I decide to draw two simultaneously again?).

The comic will resume in about two weeks with Rayna’s first day on the river. Thanks for reading so far!

Rayna: Prologue

Rayna’s journey has begun. The site will update Tuesdays and Thursdays from here on out. (There is a milestone goal on the Patreon page to increase it to 3 days a week, but we’re a long way off on that.)

“Prologue” aptly sets the stage for the series, answering all of your pertinent questions about who Rayna is and what she’s doing. It’ll go through the next couple of months getting things established. (And by then, UTC will be ready to start its third phase, and we’ll have two comics going at once! It’s going to be a fun way to end the year.)