Evil Jim: December 2003
12-01-03 through 12-17-03


Since I'm too busy to think of a punchline, why don't you try your hand at writing an Evil Jim strip? Just fill in the blanks with any type of image manipulation program, or if you can't be bothered to do that, just e-mail me the script. The really good ones (or perhaps all of them) will get posted right here on the site.





Artist's Commentary


I got SO lazy, I decided to take EJ105 and ask people to fill in new text. I got zero submissions. I cried. "Tabula Rasa" means "blank slate," which was also a title of a Justice League episode.


First and only strip ever drawn during a class. I started it while our Medieval Art teacher droned on an on about something or other. So, naturally, the strip itself was set inside class. I sat in the back with Carolyn, Eric, and Art for the semester. (I meant to draw Art sitting where he usually did on the other side of Eric, but my paper ran out of space.) One day the subject of the class was sexuality as portrayed in period art. And most of what he says in this strip is actually what he said. Most of it. I had a litte fun with the dialogue (although some of his witty descriptions would have been nice to include had I been able to remember some of them. Check for his "surprise seige tower" remark in a future strip during "End of Evil" part II.). Because my handwriting is terrible, here is the scene transcribed into Times New Roman:

Panel 1: Professor at podium
Professor: So Chartres, in conclusion, is a difficult word to pronounce.
[We spent a large amount of time discussing Chartres Cathedral in France. Pronounced "shar-ch." I think. Look it up.)]

Panel 2: Evil Jim is dozing off, Carolyn beat him to dreamland, and Eric reads a Dungeon & Dragons book to pass the time.
Professor [off-panel]: Now I know this class may sometimes be boring, so I decided to take a different approach to looking at the Medieval world.

Panel 3: Professor has pulled up a slide with a man and woman playing chess. This is an actual example he used, however, it didn't have the rabbits that I drew into it. The rabbits were really from another painting we looked at.
Professor: So let's talk about the sexually provocative works of the period!

Panel 4: Evil Jim and Carolyn are pulled from their respective states of unconsciousness. Eric is unfazed.
Professor: Here the rabbits are having their way with the woman playing chess while holding a hoop, which is symbolic of the pu--
Carolyn [conveniently interrupting]: -snore-HUH?!?
Professor: The man holds a rod, which is symbolic of...[Prof. continues to talk]
Eric: Meh.
[Obviously an incorrect assessment of the painting due to the presence of the rabits, but there really was a hoop and rod standing for gender-specific sexual organs. And there was more, but I didn't have space--nor desire--to continue with this topic.]


Carolyn won the fourth and final site hit contest (she was #1,000), so as a reward she got a strip dedicated to her. She'd been begging me to do a couple of things; a Mid-Evil Jim strip, the spelling of "Medieval" had been a recurring joke in our Medieval Art class that semester. The other thing was she wanted to become a rival to EJ. So, there she is. And there she goes. Carolyn, in real life, spent the Spring 2004 semester in London. I had her "deported" in retaliation to her misdeeds in this strip. Also, Pat dies. Again. The Pat Stats section actually catalogues this death, so it appears this Mid-Evil interlude is really a flashback to a time when we inexplicably dressed up in Medieval garb and played around with viral toxins.

"Three Weeks" turned into seven or so. EJ went on a long hiatus due to my busy winter break. And just what HAVE I been up to for the last few days? Hmm...