Evil Jim: Week Thirty-Two
09-01-03 through 09-05-03






Artist's Commentary


...And we're back. This was the only strip to be drawn in July, and nobody saw it for three months!

Big changes in this strip. To match the site design, I made the border black. This of course meant the text had to be white. Red would have been the color of choice, but the site had too much red as it was. Also, most strips are in complete black and white. Colorizing them significantly increases image size.

During the summer break I went back and fine-tuned the character designs to be a bit more unique and streamlined. It's sort of my own "revamp," like what the Batman animated series did between their Fox and WB days. Everything is much less sketchy. Pat's hair is straight, black, and with a shine.

LBSJ's got a new face and unibrow, plus Star of David earrings. I'm pretty much showcasing he's a Jew at this point without bothering to reveal his full name. At the real-life Dave's request, I removed his 'fro, which he's had in several wrestling incarnations but never liked. Notice this is the only change to be actually explained; Pat shoots a bullet through the hair, "deflating" it. The new hairstyle appears in the next strip.

I remodeled CC because I got a little bored drawing the same look for two years. Matt's version of CC changes wardrobes every appearance, so why not mine? This year his coat lacks cuffs and breast pockets and sports the curvy lapel seen in Matt's versions. His hair is also more distinctive and truer to Matt's design. I removed "Cast in the Name of God" from the cross. You'll notice that through Year One you never actually saw the part of the cross that said "God," or at least were so far away the words were drawn as chicken scratch. This is my own way of covering my ass. His weapons as well as his new gloves sport the foliated cross/plus Matt's version sometimes has. Also, his hand-held cross guns appear for the first time in his Platinum Comics appearances.

Funny how, after completely changing how everyone looks, nobody seems to notice. Also funny how I actually bother to acknowledge one change; the disappearance of the fro.

Pat's a very good shooter in real life. His dad used to take him to the shooting range and he whoops us in laser tag every time. Since this is the last time we'll see him, I figured the guy deserved to go out fighting.

Wow. Long commentary. Well these next few strips will have a lot of material for me to talk about.


This was one of only two strips to be drawn in August.

Interesting new hair, no?

This strip has caused a bit of controversy. Here it's implied that the Crimson Christian has actually taken a life. However, there are several points that will vindicate CC and excuse his action. 1) Pat helped Jim perpetrate many evil acts, and therefore must be punnished. 2) CC doesn't know that he's about to kill the last clone, therefore he's not wittingly terminating Pat's life essence, which he believes will just go into the next available clone. 3) There's another reason, trust me. [adendum added after making strip 159: At this point in the story, I wanted to keep CC semi-righteous and, therefore, still appear as a good guy to the readers. However, by the time I made part I of "End of Evil" half a year later, I decided to take him in a much darker direction, transforming him into a vigilante that goes above and beyond expectations to preserve peace and good on Earth...that includes destroying evil, such as Pat and myself. Even if Pat was only following my orders, he still had to die. When I get around to doing commentary on EoE, I'll explain it in more detail.]

This is possibly the only time Pat has successfully dodged an explosive device. But, Pat being Pat, he still had to die in the end.


The second strip drawn in August. I had planned to get more of a head start, but I was working on Unfamiliar Reflection #11 to get it out to the masses before college started again.

This is a blatant rip-off of the "Who Will I Kill" song from Mystery Science Theater 3000's sixth season finale. Frank is Pat's counterpart to Dr. Clayton Forester of that series. Having killed and otherwise tortured Frank for five years, the good-natured fellow departed for heaven and Dr. Forester sings this song to demonstrate his loneliness. He concludes by shouting "Goodbye, Frank. And remember: Wherever you are...I WILL KILL YOU!" I was originally going to have EJ shout this at the end of the strip, and even drew the panel where he shouted it. But the image size was almost 900KB, which is the file size restriction for TopCities, so it was written out.

Cooincidentally, Jim's computer is named Frank. It's received a bit of an upgrade as far as Photoshop effects go.

Evil Jim's shirt has transformed during the beaming process. I wanted it to resemble something of a uniform, hence the pointy white patches on the shoulders. The V-neck changes thicknesses around the collar (thin around the neck and thick towards the point), and points have been added to the sleeves. I was going to stick a Star Trek-style Evil Jim logo commbadge on there, but that would have been too lame.

Ah-HA! You might have thought I made a continuity error by placing the transporter device in Jim's right hand, when in EJ100, when the button was pressed, it was in his left. WELL! If you look in the next-to-last panel in EJ100, you'll notice the device has already been switched to his right hand as his left waves goodbye. So I DID make a continuity error. I just didn't make it in this strip. HA! ...I think.