Evil Jim: Week Twenty-Six
04-20-03 through 04-25-03








Director's Commentary


I decided to let my stoned roommate write this one, in honor of the holiday. What was scary about this particular 4-20 was that more people mentioned the fact that it was 4-20 than mentioned the fact that it was EASTER SUNDAY. What a world we live in.

Jon originally wanted me to draw Alex dressed up as Superman, a queen, a soldier, etc. but I did not know that. It would have made my job easier. (It's incredibly hard to find a good picture of a modern soldier for some reason.)


Anybody see that coming?

This plot was a device to write Betsy out of the strip. After the Fall 2002 semester she transfered out of Ithaca College to Stone Hill, and therefore it seemed that her comic counterpart should depart as well. Is this really the last appearance of Betsy? No one can really say for sure...


I got yelled at by many people for pulling that trigger. What they all didn't know was what came next...


Pat's comments on this strip: "She's right, I am an idiot." We all know the real Pat wouldn't put himself in front of a bullet not intended for him.