Evil Jim: Week Twenty-Two
03-24-03 through 03-28-03






Director's Commentary


I shouted for joy when Spirited Away won the Oscar, which prompted mass confusion from my hallmates, who thought I finally lost it. (They know I'm a weird guy, and I've been known to get in rediculous arguments with Jon at random times.)

For the record, I watched the entire awards ceremony, and believe that Christopher Walken was cheated out of yet another acting award. Come on! Give the guy some recognition!


See where I'm going with this not-really-evil stuff?


You might think that I made a continuity mistake. Ah-HA! You're wrong! Frank is able to access every channel anywhere in the world, however, Pat doesn't have the authorization to use it for his own needs. Oh yeah, and I totally get all the Fox Widescreen shows in widescreen. Damn straight. I just wish Fox actually showed them widescreen all the time, like NBC.

I don't even know what tool Pat's using there. It looks like his fingers, but I think it's a pair of pliers.

How does an underground lair have an antenna, much less a roof? And why would I need an antenna if I get a digital cable feed? These are all good questions.